Online Psychology consultation, Mental health  solutions,  anonymous counseling.

Ready to overcome your anxiety, stress, depression and fears?

Delivers evidence based cognitive behavior therapy and hypnosis for anxiety, stress and depression form our specialized depression therapist .

Online Psychology consultation, Mental health  solutions,  anonymous counseling.

Have You been Emotional of Late?

For the first time, introducing online cognitive behaviour therapy With clinical hypnosis by accredited and licensed psychologists through our Online Psychology consultation in India and abroad.

Online Psychology consultation, Mental health  solutions,  anonymous counseling.

Are You Having Sleepless Nights?

Get the best sleep disorder treatments in India from our topmost specialists 24/7.

How It Works

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Scientific insights and experience is at the heart of our Online Psychological Counseling. The programs teaches clients how to confront and change their thoughts and challenge unwanted behaviors that characterize anxiety stress, sleep disorder and depression. Spot early signs of stress, anxiety and depression. Teach new techniques to manage stress, anxiety, sleep disorder and depression.

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Our Online Psychological Counseling are developed with research and content from expert’s psychologists and depression therapist. Users can print out worksheets for activities, monitor progress, and receive emails with further tips at the end of each step.

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Our online Psychological Counseling allows clients to engage confidentiality with one of our highly qualified therapists through written conversation and telephonic. A flexible online space available when and where you need it.

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Qualified and licensed psychologists team providing evidence based psychological counseling And the best course of action
Your Anonymity is Guaranteed
Leading experts in treating all most all types of mental health issues
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Personalised Psychologist,10 sessions and Personalized Modules,Personalized Dashboard,Mood reports
Use latest scientific content in applied neuropsychology and cognitive science, Interactive modules and sessions online
Online consultation with psychologists at the end of the every session, Download rich audio and video resources
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Key Features

100% Secure Online Program

We provide a secure online therapy. Our online Psychological Counseling is confidential and accessible from your computer, laptops, tablets and smart phone.

Personalised Psychologist

Facilitated by accredited psychologists and depression therapist in a secure virtual therapy room at a time and location that is comfortable for you.

Evidence Based Therapies

We provide evidence based online mental health solutions and sleep disorder treatments etc which is delivered excellent clinical outcomes with high levels of client engagement.

What We Provide?

Use Latest Scientific Content In Applied Neuropsychology And Cognitive Science

Personalized Psychologist, depression therapists, Interactive Modules And online Psychological Counseling

Online Psychological Counseling With Psychologists At The End Of The Every Session, Download Rich Audio And Video Resources

Evidence based online Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), mindfulness Based Therapy And Clinical Hypnosis programs and treatments for anxiety, stress, sleep disorder, depression and fears.

Ask Our Psychologist is the evidence based online mental health solution provider by accredited psychologists. We offer is an anonymous digital mental health service that supports individuals experiencing common mental health issues such as fears depression and anxiety sleep disorder etc.

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